E-Services Group Ltd
E-Services Group Ltdwas established by Alan Lim in 2009. Alan has single minded pursuit of something that transcends national boundaries, industry sectors and traditional retail. His own group of companies employs more than 90 people. The Company is phenomenal growth in the highly competitive industry of consumer electronics. Alan continues to lead the group of companies which provide logistics, ecommerce, digital marketing and customer service - all supported by cutting-edge technology.

Alan's entrepreneurial talent is recognised by many senior executives, brand owners and industry specialists like Google, retail organisations and top Ecommerce companies. For example Alan's professional network now includes board level directors from Google, Foxconn and Hutchinson Whampoa. The number of businesses he has built and the people he has developed are the commercial engine for the group's success.

For more information, please click: http://www.eservicesgroup.com